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Binchotan Charcoal Grill

The mini cast iron Grill is top-grade for cooking on the spot, and with its tall design it's top-of-the-heap for small spaces, the hibachi is produced from high-quality materials and is top for any meal.

Binchotan Charcoal Grill Ebay

The charcoal Grill is outstanding for smoking hot meats and poultry, this mini cast iron Grill is dandy for small families or groups that want to enjoy some quality grading bbq at home in a convenient location. The charcoal Grill can easily accommodate up to 5 people and can grade up to 45 degrees with the temperature setting reaching a temperature of 375 degrees fahrenheit, the satiny finish of the charcoal Grill will make your cooking experience were you ever want to experience the goodness of hibachi bacon with all the different flavors? The satiny finish will make your cooking experience were you ever want to try out some of the unique hibachi instruments? The charcoal Grill can easily accommodate that with the included hibachi instruments. This Grill is a practical alternative for individuals who enjoy yakitori charcoal grill, it is a sensational surrogate for admirers who enjoy yakitori charcoal grill. This Grill is an exceptional addition to your next japanese restaurant, the charcoal is unequaled for grilling chicken or beef. The heat from the cooks the meat evenly and makes for unequaled results when cooking, this charcoal Grill is puissant for japanese yakitori charcoal 26 cm. This broiler can be used to create a variety of japanese yakitori charcoal dishes, and dumplings to fish and fowl, the large size of the also makes it fantastic for large families or groups.